Get in the mood with us and join a work in progress Playlist for our summer Collection “World, Give Me A Break”; the collection juggles with the search for a healthy balance in life and taking a break from a world that´s getting more and more insane and limitless. It deals with finding a balance between work and life. Between speeding up and decelerating. Between wanting more, and already having it all.  Just dare to take a break, step back and reflect on yourself. We rarely find the space to figure out what we want and what we need to leave behind. These are a few Tracks that helped us to zone out and see clearly for a second.

We will update the playlist over the coming months as we feel the topic of our forthcoming collection is something that will accompany us for much longer than just the next few weeks. Indeed the quest for balance and certainty seems to be never-ending. Help us to co-create this playlist and throw in some tunes that helped you making life more meaningful.

Expect the first drop of the collection beginning of May.